Everyone finally left

I’d been keeping myself occupied all day, knowing it was my dog’s last. I had people over until about ten minutes ago. And as soon as I closed the gate behind my friends, I just fucking lost it. It’s not fair. Why do we outlive our pets? My dog is so wonderful. I love him so much. Why was he only given ten short years when I have to endure who knows how much more? Our pets deserve so much more than this. And it was fucking cancer that got him, of course. And he doesn’t even know. Today seemed like a normal fucking day. He’s not suffering. He’s running around like any other day. He’s still got so much life left in his heart. He’s got so much more to give. But the tumor’s so big that it’s breaking through his skin, which is causing him to bleed a little. And it’s not gonna get any better. So tomorrow’s his very last trip to the vet. I can’t even handle today. God knows how I’m gonna be tomorrow. Pray for my sanity, please.

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  1. miglach said: Sorry, Jen. I know the feeling. The loss of a pet never really leaves you, but it’s always important to remember how happy they were to be loved by their family and how much love they gave back in return. I’m sure he had a very happy life <3
  2. littleredridingbbhood said: I completely empathize what you are going through as last summer my family put our beloved dog to sleep and the first days after were brutal. Remember that while they will be gone, their memories will always live on as long as you live, it’s all worth it.
  3. vickywilliams said: I’m so sorry Jenn<3 I love you and him so much. At least he won’t have to endure the suffering that would have come. I’ll admit I teared up a bit saying goodbye, after only knowing him for a short time and he’s not even mine. He’s an awesome dog<33
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